Slip Slap Trip Wack

Leaky Heaven Performance presents the world premiere of Slip Slap Trip Wack from July 26–28, 2024 at the Russian Hall. The family-friendly work brings to life the imaginative worlds of 5–12-year-olds, in a unique collaboration between the artists of Leaky Heaven and youth who live near the studio at the Russian Hall. The performance seats audience members on a 360-degree rotating device, which allows them to both watch and volunteer to perform in the sketches. Slip Slap Trip Wack takes inspiration from Our Gang, a series of short comedic films from the 1920s that later became known as The Little Rascals. Developed over a 10-week workshop organized with RayCam Co-operative Centre, the participatory performance incorporates gags and pranks that pull from centuries-old vaudeville routines and tropes. The youth-developed project offers a fresh spin on comedy that allows kids to be kids, and adults to be reminded of the joy of play. 


Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 3K1


The performance ride is 25-30 minutes long and runs through the following times:

Friday, July 26: 5–8pm

Saturday, July 27: 10am–4pm 

Sunday, July 28: 10am–4pm 

Ticket Prices

Tickets available at the door.

Adults: $15

Youth: $5

Children under 12: $5 or entrance with the bartering of any toy, book, or other belonging

Created by:

Josh Hite
Steve Hill
Nancy Tam
Dave Biddle
Lois Anderson
Paula Viitanen
Marion Jacobs
Juan Aldazosa
Avery Chapman
Val Christianson
Marita Michaelis
Justine A. Chambers
Katayoon Yousefbigloo
Vanessa Mercedes Figueroa