With Justine Chambers, Maria Escolan, Josh Hite, Andrew Laurenson, Renae Morriseau, Darylina Powderface, Nancy Tam, Paula Viitanen, Rita Wei and 10 children from RayCam Community Centre.

Dream Machine is a Leaky Heaven/ Radix Theatre co-production in partnership with RayCam Community Centre and the Russian Hall.  Inspired by Maria Escolan and Darylina Powderface’s work with neighbourhood children last year, the new work pairs a group of interdisciplinary artists with children from the community surrounding the Russian Hall using the children’s night-time dreams as source material .  The aim of the work is to have the children lead a process where, using their own dreams as source material, they are the experts of the work- the artists under their employ!

Dream Machine social distance (conference call) rehearsal, Russian Hall December 2020

The work will follow Covid constraints and somehow-or-other be neither an in-person gathering nor a digital performance.Stay tuned for a presentation this July!

Neck of the Woods is a guided walking phone tour visiting the familiarities of your own neighbourhood with new language. Inspired Quantum Physicist David Bohm’s original language the Rheomode- developed by the scientist and intending to be  “better than English” in its ability to describe quantum processes and using Google Earth mapping we will be offering guided tours through the language of the rheomode.

Stay tuned for that this coming Summer.

Also coming… this January Leaky Heaven Artistic Director and Leaky Associate, sound designer Nancy Tam will be reflecting on a recent work joining  Patrick Blenkarn and Milton Lim in their Videocan project which invites artists to talk about their work while watching it.