at šxʷsyiəm (spanish banks)


photos by Paula Viitanen
(shot and edited by Josh Hite)

with: Alex Lazaridis Ferguson , Josh Hite, Nancy Tam ,  Scott Billings, Natalie Purschwitz, Paula Viitanen,  Delia Brett, Nellie Gossen, Elissa Hanson,  Walter Kubanek, Melissa Meneses-Skoda, Diego Romero, Jordan Watkins, Parjad Sharifi.

“… almost imperceptibly small actions that momentarily change our view.
We’re all seeing the same thing but differently—each of us, for better or worse, at home in ourselves, our minds, and our own bodies. The tide continues to rise, my chair sinks deeper into the sand, and every time a wave hits me gently in the crotch, I can’t help but think, ‘I love you, Vancouver.’ Cinerama is a beautiful, weird, unforgettable work of art.”

Georgia Straight, Andrea Warner, June 18th, 2017,

And this, finally, is what comprises the brilliance of this production,
what I’ll call the framing of the rhythms of diurnal events. The tide goes
out and it comes back in. Still at this point in the anthropocene such a
statement remains a dialectical certainty. Cinerama focuses our
attention on the inevitability of waiting for what we know is coming.
And the payoff is that we still end up surprised.

Performance, Place and Politics, Peter Dickinson, June, 25th 2017

There is nothing I can say that won’t diminish the unique experience that is Cinerama. Be intrepid. Expect and be open to anything

Jo Ledingham, Theatre Reviews, June 20, 2017