Dream Machine, December 2020, socially distant rehearsal at our home base Russian Hall, East Vancouver

The company was founded by Steven Hill in 1999 with then Artistic Director of Neworld Theatre Camyar Chai and Dramaturge Michele Valiquette.  In 2001  Leaky Heaven became its own entity and with Hill as Artistic Director went on to produce dozens of works with hundreds of artists and community members.  For over 20 years Leaky Heaven has been producing performances on Vancouver’s Eastside with highlights including the Christmas hits at the Cultch- Conference of the Birds, Typhoon, Birthday Boy, a full tent show Ziggurat, Bonobo, Antigone Undone, Streetcar, Bone in Her Teeth, Project X , Peter Panties, and (Leaky Heaven Performance Society operating under the name Fight With A Stick) Steppenwolf, revolutions, Cinerama and A Vista.

  We are pleased that as NewWorld Theatre launched Leaky Heaven as an independent formation in 2001 , Leaky Heaven was been able to do the same for Fight With a Stick and as of 2019 the newly inaugurated  Fight With a Stick Performance Society.

We continue with Theatre Replacement as companies in residence at the Russian Hall (where our studio is located) and assisting in the management and governance of the Hall. On behalf of the Board: Nancy Gillis, Ar’ash  Tavakolie and Dave Noble, I wish you the very best through these trying times.  Steve

steven hill- Artistic Director